Property Management Services For Home Owners

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Annual and Seasonal Rental Management

We want to take you to a wonderful place, so all you worrry about is how your going to spend the rental income we generate for you.   We advertise in both local and national publications for maximum exposure of your home. Getting the most from a rental is a good thing. Making sure your home is well cared for and protected so much more.

Property Management Fees.

If your property is unfurnished, annual rental, you will be charged a "lease-up fee" of 50% of one full months rent or $250.00 (whichever is greater) for securing your new tenant(s). Thereafter, the ongoing management commission is usually between 8% - 10%, which will be based on how you property looks, the location, size, and mostly how much income will  incme we are going to generate for you.  It also will depend on other factors, such as how many properties you own,  PLEASE NOTE:, Our Management Fees, are generally lower that most other Property Management firms in our area. We dont beleive a small condo owner should be charged the same as a large pool home, on the water would pay.  It should be based on the income, and be charged accordingly. We are performing the same type services for both property owners.   

If your property is a furnished vacation rental, also referred to as a "seasonal" rental, we charge a $50.00 processing fee for securing new tenants.  This includes furnishing potential tenants with our attorney preparred rental application.  We perform a through background check, including; credit checks, crimanal background checks, verifing funds/income, requiring copies of drivers licenses, and confirming information provided is accurate.  Thereafter, our ongoing management commission is not set in stone, but is based on the amount of work that was required.  We feel it is important to work WITH our clients, providing them services they need, which will also protect them from potential harm, damages, and make sure they are in compliance with all of our State and local laws.  There are specific Florida Landlord/Tenant Laws, that YOU ARE REQUIRED TO DO/PAY, IN ORDER TO AVOID POSSIBLE CRIMIAL CHARGES, AND/OR LARGE FINES.  Our Sushine State is wonderful, and we are happy, as residents, our state does not charge  "State Income Tax".  However, becuase we are one of the most popular vacation and retirement states, we offset the income tax free state, because  have collect fees from visitors, to help offset not paying state taxes.  omewhat negionable, however, usually the same, or less than you may be currently paying to online sites, that give you and your guests NO personal customer services or contact.  Most owens are frustrated with the online sites now, because they are now forcing owners, to generate less income, and still reciive less income.  We are getting call complaining about how because they are charging additional fees, some over 8%, and are applying more hidden charges.  We have been spoken to many frustrated seasonal property owners who have used these website generated leads, and enjoyed them supplying tenants, such as; VRBO, which do NOT provide any addition services for their fees....We will meet your quests, making them feel more special, we will perform the move-in, move-out inspections, collect, and pay both of the STATE  LAW REQUIRED taxes, (6% sales tax, and 5% bed tax) between 8-10 percent, which varies, depending on the term of lease, and staff time spent. We also offer "SHARE" services, which are A la carte, such as; "check-in/out", "tenant check/lease/pay" for the the owners that wish to "SHARE" booking and filling in any/all vacation bookings.  We understand, and encourage owners to utulize online VRBO, and other sites, that give direct contact with owners/tenants, and are happy to assist owners in paying required taxes, hold security deposits in our State Required, None Bearing Escrow Account, performing required forfeit of deposit legal notices, and deductions for any utility overages, and/or damages that may need to be collected after guests vacate, and move-out inspections are performed.  Some companies do NOT "share", owners are required to use their services exclusively.  We want to help our owners generate the MOST income they can, performing in high legal standards, compling with all laws and requirements, the State and country require.  So, we would like to welcome to any Investor into our "SHARE" Management Agreement Services.

Annual Management Agreements: We strive to renew your leases and keep upstanding tenants as long as possible, to facilitate this we apply a $100.00 fee for each renewal of an existing lease and management agreement.

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